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In association with Kerala Startup Mission, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was inaugurated on 19th of September 2015. An orientation program was arranged on the same day. Mr. Vishal B C, Cheif Technical Officer, Mr. Abhilash and Mr. Ganesh, fellows from Kerala Startup Mission inaugurated and handled the sessions of the orientation program. Smt. Shimja M the then faculty-in-charge gave a brief introduction on entrepreneurship to students. Several startups headed by the students have emerged since the functioning of EDC cell in the institution. Some of the major EDC activities are indicated below

Idea Contest –October 2015

“Think India Transform Idea Contest” Organized by Welingkar Institute of Management Development (We-School), Bangalore was conducted on 13th October 2015. This contest aimed to spread the vision of our late President Dr. Abdul Kalam to encourage the student community to think creatively, innovatively, and importantly, towards the larger social and developmental needs of our nation. Arathy S Kumar of S5 CSE and , Abhi Asok of S7 EEE secured first and second prizes respectively in the “Think India Transform Idea Contest” Organized by We-School.

Pre- IoT-Training -October 2015

A pre-IoT training programme, an event conducted by Kerala Startup Mission, was conducted on 31st October 2015. The training sessions included FOSS and IoT, OpenSource Hardware, Source code management and Demo of IoT devices

Start-up I3-January 2016

'Start-up i3', a 3 day workshop conducted by Kerala Startup Mission in association with Openfuel was held at Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, Kodakara. A team of students from our college, Mr.Akhil A S, Ms. Soumya J, Mr. Syam Suresh,Ms. Athira P and Mr. Samson George, participated in the event. They won FIRST prize in the 'i3 contest' worth Rupees 15000/-.


Startup i3- Ideate-Innovate-Incubate February 2016

EDC Attingal and Openfuel together conducted a two day workshop on the topic “Startup i3- Ideate Innovate Incubate”, on 28th and 29th February 2016 in the college. The workshop mainly pointed on 3 important aspects of entrepreneurship which included ideation, product design and development, solution deployment and enterprise building.

Glimpses of Startup i3



Startups that emerged after the Formation of EDC

Qasas Technologies

Qasas Technologies is hardware and software solution provider focusing on providing a user-friendly atmosphere to the clients. A team of six smart-working and highly competent students from the institution owns the startup.


Techworm is an emerging firm which was established as a student start-up at College of Engineering, Attingal . Services provided includes IT services, hardware products and marketing. This firm is one of fast growing startups in India. Now it is associated with two other start-ups named XMORE Technolabs and YOODHA.

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