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The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has partnered with Youth4work to improve the employability skills of students and make them job ready before they start applying for the job. More than 60% of the eight lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed. Youth still struggle to find the right job fit for their skills or right skills for the jobs despite the growth of entry-level job-market. Finding the job is always harder than keeping the job. The power of internet for collaboration is not new to the world today as it provides a unique opportunity to everyone, especially students, to learn, explore and grow professional skills. Youth4work is playing a major role by allowing youth to introspect, self-assess, improve and showcase their talents and the sky is the limit for connecting students to the real-world professionals. Collaboration of AICTE with Youth4work signed on 12th September 2017 to facilitate job and internship opportunities along with Skill based Assessments for students of AICTE approved institutes using platform. All AICTE approved institutes will be benefited from this collaboration and it will an opportunity to help youth in skill-profiling using tests. We aim to increase employability among youth by helping them understand and unleash their talent potential in real time. Our technology has all important plugins to measure students’ basic potential and provide necessary inputs for career opportunities as well as further skill upgradation. Over 10000 institutes are being auto-intelligently profiled on our platform, churning insights for youth for right career paths to optimize their work potential.


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