Besides basic equipments like the versatile CROs, High frequency signal generators, Programmable power supply, DSO etc., the labs are also facilitated with:

  • Signal Explorer-Digital Oscilloscope (DL 9140L, 5Gs/GHz)
  • 350 Megahertz analog CROs, 200 Mhz DSO
  • Microcontroller Development System for MCS 51 family
  • Microcontroller PC Based Development System for PIC Controller
  • Ultra Low Distortion Audio Function Generator (SRSDS360)
  • LCR Meter
  • Universal Programmer (PIC burner)
  • FPGA Design Tools
  • Microcontroller Kit (Embedded system trainer for 8051 microcontroller)
  • VLSI Design Hardware
  • Optical Fibre Educational kit
  • Universal Counter
  • TDP TW300 LCD Projector (9 X 9 screen)
  • LPKF PCB Prototyping Machine
  • EDWIN Software
  • Virtual Modelling Software

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