The department of Electrical Engineering started in the year 2011, offers a vivacious environment for graduate educations in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It is one of the developed and well equipped departments in the institution. The vision of the department is to provide the leadership to achieve excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering and to create technical manpower of global standards as Electrical Engineering with capabilities of accepting new challenges.

The department is committed to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience. The department is dedicated to impart quality and value based education to increase satisfaction level of all stake holders.




  • To mould competent Electrical Engineers capable of providing dynamic leadership in various walks of life and to cater the needs of R&D, industry, business and community.

  • To develop professional Engineers of high quality both in software and hardware.

  • To provide opportunities to come up with real time solutions to challenging problems.



  • Basic Electrical Engineering lab

  • Electrical Measurement lab

  • Electrical Machines lab

  • Electronic Circuits lab

  • Digital lab

  • Power Electronics lab

  • Advanced Electrical lab- with Mi-Power simulation software



  • 15kW, 220V DC generator

  • 3.7kW component motor

  • 3.7kW series motor

  • 3.7kW shunt motor

  • 3.7kW DC component generator

  • 3.7kW squirrel cage induction motor

  • 400/440V 3kVA transformers

  • 220/110V 3kVA transformers

  • 1phase and 3phase Auto transformers of various ratings

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